The place we call home is as big or as small as it needs to be. So are the communities in which we make our home. I’ve had the opportunity to live in the sleepy small town of Auchermuchty in Fife and the historical melting pot of the City of Edinburgh. Both places bring special meaning to the people that live, work and visit there and it’s the memories we create there that make where we choose to live just the right size.

The Red Door
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The dappled evening sun strikes the features of long closed Royal Hotel in Auchermuchty. During the time I lived there, the building was used as a café and soft play with a flat in the upper floor.
The image reminds us that Georgian values of symmetry and classical decoration exist outside cities like Bath and Edinburgh in which the movement became famous. Faded and worn now, the building sits ready and waiting for its next incarnation.
The Way Out
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Small town Fife, the place that folk dream of leaving or in some cases traveling to. Again, Auchtermuchty is one such place. For a lot of people, the sleepy Fife town is just the right size but for those looking to escape to the bright lights and noise of the city. This, is one way out.
Snow Road
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When you live in a place like Auchtermuchty, the Fife countryside is never far away. One winter it was evident that I was going nowhere as there had been a complete whiteout knocking out all the roads in the area for several days. This was the view from the end of our road looking out towards the Lomond hills in the distance.
A not so gentle reminder of how even in a small town you can still feel small in the presence of nature.
Drummond Place
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If you’ve ever explored the New Town area of Edinburgh, you probably will have seen unexpected sights like this.
The Georgian grandeur of Drummond Place is one of those places where light architecture and nature collide, but in a sedate and effortless way. This shot was taken mid-winter that allowed the low winter sun to trace shadows of the trees from the central shared garden across the surface of the buildings. The sun has one more job, to supply the reflected light from the windows onto the cobbles below. 
Sunrise in Comley Bank
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The urban environment can create landscapes and vistas that echo the natural world. The lines created by the design and layout of the tenements in Edinburgh’s Comley Bank area are reminiscent of cliffs of an ancient canyon. Rocks receiving the early morning light from sun before it moves down to the canyon floor.

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