Places that mean something to individuals for emotional or personal reasons are one thing, there are also places that are created to mark moments of historical or cultural importance. Our experiences of these places connect us to others who have had experiences of these places of their own.
It’s the differences and similarities of human experience that helps us understand the world around us.   
National Museum
18 by 24 Inch Framed Giclee Print £300.00
Scotland’s National Museum on Chambers Street holds significance for me as it’s somewhere I learned about location sketching. I spent many hours wandering the halls of the ‘old museum’ sketching the artefacts and rooms. If you went to school or visited the city with an educational group you will have your own memories of this place too.
A few years later the new part of the museum opened and it was tribute to modern architecture, a contrast to the Victorian building next door. This is the tower of the new building acting like a beacon rising above the traffic that chokes the streets. The dramatic sky above pulls your eye to the roofline and to one of the city’s seats of learning, Edinburgh University.
Reflections of a Big Sky
Single Edtion 18 by 24 Inch Framed Photographic Print £350.00
The top of Leith Walk has long been at the centre of Edinburgh’s LGBTQ+ community with it’s collection of venues, businesses and services. I’ve history here too. It’s because the accessibility of these places, that fact that everyone is welcome no matter how you identify, means that so many people will have memories of this place,
This shot, a view of the newer Omni centre, reflecting the sunset and the older buildings over the road, serves as a reminder there are things out there bigger than our differences.
Ode to Scott
8 by 12 Inch Framed Photographic Print £100.00
If you’ve ever visited Edinburgh, you will have seen this gothic inspired rocket ship. Its a monument to Sir Walter Scott, a much-loved Edinburgh born 19th century poet and novelist.
Nowadays, the monument serves as a backdrop to the stories that happen in the busy streets of Edinburgh City Centre, from the bustle of Christmas markets and festival fireworks to the reflective reverence of the gardens of remembrance. This place acts a point of reference in an ever-changing world.
It underlines the fact that change happens and is part of the human condition and by remembering that can make the future less daunting. 

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